Using HTML information to achieve results gold

HTML is both a basic building brick and the entire blueprint of website creation. You can learn it easily, but where you can take it is pretty much limitless. You should not underestimate it just because it is basic to learn.Image result for HTML

The aim of all HTML is generally to get your information to your target audience and make them take the desired action. You want to engage people and entice them to react; while HTML is used to build the website that you want, understanding how your audience sees your website will help to hone your HTML skills and get the result you want.

Here are some ways to ensure your information is presented to your audience the way you want it to be:

  • Understand that there is more than one browser

Different browsers read your code in different ways, and your website or app may not appear as it should with each one. Check your code file with as many browsers as you can think of to ensure you will look good to as many people as possible.


For example some browsers don’t support some types of graphics, or don’t present tables the way you think they will, you need to make allowances for this. You can provide text versions as an alternative to these. You can also put your script through a HTML validator to make sure it will work as well as you want it to.


  • Understand that online is different to IRL

Designing a webpage is not the same as designing an advertising campaign. Because the internet is not static and neither is the reader, you need to understand and use the power of movement, by getting visitors to come to your page and then stay there.


Writing for the internet is not the same as writing for print. You need to write with HTML information as your base to attract people to your site through search engines, but also write content that will engage their minds once they get there.


  • Understand that HTML is supposed to make things easy.

Its aim is to make it easy for people to find your site, and then easy for you to get your message across to them, and then easy for them to move around your site and take the action that you want. If anything you are building is making these things harder then you should reconsider presenting it that way.


Learning as much as you can about what HTML can do will help with this. Take tutorials, keep updated with HTML versions, and read code from websites that you like to improve your skills.


The ticket to all of this may be in remembering that you are not just building a website, you are building an effective website. You are building a portal to bring customers to you. And if you understand HTML then you will be much better equipped to do this.


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